How to Clean Your Bathroom Efficiently

The bathroom is one of the most dreaded places for cleaning, however its sanitasation is very important for the health and safety of everybody who lives in the property. If you follow a particular routine, the experience can be much easier. Here’s how to clean your bathroom efficiently.


Important: Please remember to always use gloves when cleaning the bathroom and mask on the face if there’s no fresh air circulation.


Step 1. Take all loose objects out of the bathroom


Clear as much space as possible to allow you to move freely and quick. This will also prevent some dangerous cleaning solution to fall on personal items.


Step 2. Sweep or vacuum the surface


Use a broom or the vacuum cleaner to get rid of small particles and dust on the bathroom floor. Also dust light fixtures and vents. Remove cobwebs from all corners and other places they may have been formed.


Step 3. Apply cleaning products


Apply cleaning products to the bathtub, toilet and sink and leave them to react and remove any built up dirt and limescale. Use that time to clean other surfaces in the bathroom which require minimal scrubbing.


Step 4. Clean the vanity area


While you are waiting for the stubborn stains on the bathtub and sink, you can concentrate on the vanity area. Clean the cupboards inside and out, spray and wipe the mirror and dust any other surfaces in the bathroom.


Step 5. Go back to the bathtub


Your shower area and bathtub should be ready for finish by this time. If you have used good cleaning products removing the dirt and limescale should be like a piece of cake. Continue with sink and the toilet and make sure they are properly sanitised.


Step 6. Mop and sanitise the bathroom floor


Now that you have finished the other areas, all you have remaining is to mop and sanitise the floor. You can mix bleach with soap to minimise the smell from the bleach. Once you have applied the mixture mop with clean water again. Voila! You just cleaned your bathroom efficiently!

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