Cleaning After the Holidays – How to Make it Easier

Cleaning After the Holidays - How to Make it Easier | Do My Cleaning | London
Cleaning After the Holidays - How to Make it Easier | Do My Cleaning | London

Cleaning After the Holidays - How to Make it Easier


Spring holidays are always and exciting time and a very good opportunity to get all the family together again. However, after an Easter egg hunt for the children and some gastronomic experience for the adults, there’s usually a big mess left to clean up. Here are a few tips how to make cleaning after the holidays an easier task.



Open the Windows and Doors


Allowing fresh air to flow will not only get rid of some unpleasant smells, but will also energise you to begin with your chores. Besides this is one of the measures you need to take for safe cleaning as some chemicals may be too strong and dangerous for your health if inhaled for a long time. Hopefully, the weather is on your side and there are some sun rays coming through the windows. Natural sunlight kills some of the germs.


Clear the Clutter


Make as much room as possible on the floor before you begin the actual cleaning. If there’s lots of paper and other unwanted objects scattered around pick them up and put in recycle bags or the appropriate waste packaging.


Vacuum the Floor


There might be lots of nibbles and fables from your holiday meals on the floor as well as other small particles. Use the vacuum cleaner in all rooms to make sure your carpets and hard floors are ready to be treated with cleaning products.


Kitchen and Bathroom


Smart time management is key to making cleaning after the holidays easier. Put the dishes in the dishwasher, apply toilet cleaner to the toilet and other cleaning chemicals to the bathtub and sink. Leave them to work their magic while you move on to other tasks like removing stains from the sofa and carpet cleaning.


Steam Cleaning


Steam cleaning is a good and relatively easy way to sterilise your home especially after festivities and many visitors. Most types of furniture can be steam cleaned as well as carpets, floors, curtains and other surfaces. It kills 99% of germs and bacteria with no chemicals and promotes better sleeping. However, bear in mind that steam cleaning may not be able to remove some stains from the carpet or upholstery.

Hire a Professional Cleaner


At the end of the day, there’s no easier way to clean after the holidays than outsourcing the task to the professionals. No matter how well you organise your time, refreshing your environment after a party will take you at least one full day. Not to mention the efforts you’ll have to put in. Extend your relaxation by having your home thoroughly and professionally cleaned by industry experts in just a few hours.


Do My Cleaning is your best choice for a professional cleaning service no matter what your need is. We’ve made it very easy to book with us, it takes a just one click and less than a minute to save your spot. The holidays may be over, but your break from household duties doesn’t have to end.

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