Cleaning Tips for Mums

Cleaning Tips for Mums

Cleaning Tips for Mums | Do My Cleaning | London Being a mom is one of the greatest jobs in the world, however it is also very demanding and tiring. Do you ever feel like since your little munchkin came to the world the amount of cleaning you have to do has doubled or even tripled? You are not alone! We understand the struggles you are going through trying to keep a tidy and clean home, while your child’s main goal seems to alway be making a big mess. Since it’s Mother’s Day, take a breather and enjoy our cleaning tips for mums.

Build a Routine

Believe it or not if you build a routine around your everyday duties it will feel like the hours in a daynight have increased. It may be particularly helpful to write your tasks down or create a table and place it somewhere visible enough to remind you of what and when you need to do.


Unless your child is an infant, you can save a lot of time by delegating small tasks to others in the household. Children as young as one can be taught to pick toys from the floor and put them in the toys basket. Older children can take over hoovering, sorting the laundry or washing the dishes.

Washing Toys

Speaking of toys, they get pretty nasty sometimes. A client of ours told us once that her child decided to share lunch with his favourite teddy. The poor toy was covered up with spaghetti sauce and the little boy refused to go to bed without it. Here’s a tip of how to wash mucky toys with the rest of your laundry. Remove any big food/dirt chunks and put the toys in a mesh bag, then place in the washing machine with your other clothes. No damage, no stress.

Your Best Friend, the Vacuum Cleaner

Make sure you vacuum your living room at least once a day, although we actually recommend twice. This will help maintaining an overall good and clean look of your carpet and if you have hard flooring, vacuuming is quicker than mopping.

Make it Fun

Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. Practice some dance moves with your little ones under your favourite sounds, while you are dusting or scrubbing some stains. This way you kill two birds with one stone - build a strong bond with the children and have a clean house.

Just Hire a Cleaner

Cleaning Tips for Mums | Do My Cleaning | London


Ok, let’s be real. Unless you genuinely enjoy cleaning, you will find it hard to motivate yourself to do these chores every single day, especially when you want to spend that time with the kids, learning something new or just relaxing. So the solution is hire a professional cleaner! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

If we’ve sold you on the idea of having someone professional coming to do your cleaning, then we’d love to be that someone. Booking our services is easy and our cleaners are reliable, experienced and friendly. You are an amazing mom and you deserve to have your rest. We will take care of your home just as you’d like it to be done.

Cleaning tips for mums

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