How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company

There are over 40,000 cleaning companies in the UK and it’s hard to choose the best. However, it is essential that you do your due diligence every time you book a cleaning service, especially if it is with a company you haven’t used before. We have some good tips on how to choose the right cleaning company for your particular needs.

1. Are they a legitimate company?

Check if the company you found online actually exists. You can do that by searching its name on Company House website. Another indicator of the legitimacy of the company would be their registration number, which should be displayed on their website.

2. Do they offer any other methods of payments other than just in cash?

If a cleaning company prefers payments to be done in cash that’s not necessarily a red light, but if they do not offer any other means of payment you should think twice. Even if you pay cash always ask for an invoice.

3. Is the cleaning personnel trained?

Ask for years of experience and how are the cleaners trained. Some cleaning companies prefer to train their staff in-house, while others send them to professional courses. Both options are fine as long as the cleaners are capable and know what they are doing.

4. Are the cleaners DBS checked?

This is very important for your own peace of mind. You don’t want to be letting dodgy individuals in your home whether you are there or not. A DBS certificate acts as a proof that the person holding it is of a good character, has never had any unspent convictions and therefore is expected to be honest and follow all laws.

5. How far the cleaner has to travel to get to your home?

It would be best to always look for a local cleaning company, especially in big cities like London. Traffic can cause delays, therefore the closer to you the company is, the better. Some agencies that work on several areas or within the whole city have cleaners who cover specific boroughs or postcodes. Ask how long it will take for the cleaning professional assigned to your address to get there.

6. What is included in the service?
You need to know all the details about the service you are receiving. A transparent company will tell you in advance what will be included in the service you are booking and in some cases provide you with a checklist, which you can fill after the job is done.

7. Is the price reasonable?

Obviously, one of the choosing factors will be the cost. Some cleaning companies charge very high, while others are more affordable. Extremely cheap prices that are way below the overall standard in the industry may be a reason to question the quality of service.

8. What are people saying?

Ask some of your friends or work colleagues if they’ve used that company and how they felt about the service. Check Google reviews as most of the time they are the most reliable (more reliable than those on Facebook) and dodgy companies don’t usually go as far as creating a Google Business page. Looking at testimonies on the company’s site is not sufficient, because no business in their right mind would put a bad review on their website.

We hope this article was helpful and you are now more confident on how to choose the right cleaning company. Why don’t you have a look at Do My Cleaning and the services we offer? We guarantee you won’t be making a mistake if you choose us.

Choosing a Cleaning Company
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