How to Revive Your Oven after Easter

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How to Revive Your Oven after Easter

Just like Christmas, Easter is one of those times when most housewives spend long hours in the kitchen in preparation of fingerlicking delicacies. Not surprisingly, the oven is the most used kitchen appliance at that time and in many cases it suffers quite a lot of damage. Oven cleaning isn’t very simple and can be stressful especially if you don’t know what to use and how to use it. Here is our advice on how to revive your oven after Easter.


Pre Oven Cleaning


It is likely that there is lots of grease and burnt ons in your oven, so to simplify your task, it would be a good idea to prepare from the night before. Mix some warm water and washing liquid or soap in a heat resistant container. Put it in the oven and switch it on maintaining warm temperature overnight. By the time you wake up in the morning most of your job will be done, because you will save yourself excessive scrubbing. While you steam your oven take out the shelves and baking tray and soak them in warm water and soap. You could also add vinegar to bring back the metallic shine of your shelves.


Actual Oven Cleaning


A wooden spoon, toothbrush and a soft sponge will be your best friends while cleaning your oven. The wooden spoon will help removing any resistant burnt ons that the steam was not enough to get rid of. The toothbrush is ideal for reaching corners and scrubbing them. Use the soft sponge to wipe away the dirt and grease. Baking soda may help if the stains are really stubborn. It will also work perfectly fine on the baking trays. Pour boiling water on the dirty trays and sprinkle baking soda. After an hour scrub away the excess and voila!

Your final step of oven cleaning will be making sure that the glassdoor is spotless. You can do that by using a solution of hot water and oven cleaner. Wipe the dirt away with a soft sponge and give a shiny finish with a dry cotton cloth.


After Oven Cleaning


Your job is not yet done! To completely revive your oven after the Easter holidays and lots of lamb roasting, you want to eliminate any unpleasant odours. This is pretty easy. Squeeze a lemon in a heat resistant container with warm water and leave in the oven. Put the oven on 50-60 degrees and let the mixture stay there overnight. You can experiment with fragrances, by adding your favourite essential oils to the warm water.


Ditch the Oven Cleaning


You don’t really have to clean the oven yourself. A professional cleaner will do the job in a couple of hours and completely stress free. Do My Cleaning have fantastic offers on oven cleaning. Check our pricing right here and have a look at our Facebook page for some of the amazing results we’ve achieved with ovens that looked like a nightmare. Need our help? Book a cleaning service today!



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