What Do You Need to Know When You are Booking a Cleaning Service

No doubt there are many benefits to having a professional cleaner come to your home and take care of all the cleaning on various occasions. However, there are some things you need to know when you are booking a cleaning service and today we are going to tell what they are.


Book Enough Hours of the Cleaning Service


Many people, especially those who are booking a cleaning service for the first time, make the mistake to request for less hours than the job really requires. This is because they don’t know the actual time it would take to finish the assignment and they are trying to save money. The best way to avoid this mistake is to ask the cleaning company you want to book a service from how long it would take to do the job. They will be able to advise you best. Most reputable cleaning companies won’t charge you for the hours no cleaning has been performed, which means that even if you book more hours that are really needed you will only pay for those in which the cleaners have worked.


You Need to Do a Bit of Tidying up Ahead of The Cleaners


Yes, you are booking a cleaning service, which means that you won’t be cleaning yourself. For best results, however, and minimising of working time, professional cleaners always recommend that you tidy up before they arrive. This means, just clear the floor and other surfaces from clothes and toys. It’s not too much of a hassle.


You Will Only Get the Cleaning Service You Booked For


It is essential to know exactly what you need when you are booking a cleaning service. For example, if you need your oven cleaned, but you have only booked for domestic cleaning, you shouldn’t expect to get it as “part of the deal”. It isn’t. Make sure you go through the service page on the cleaning company’s website to understand what is included in each service. If you need any additional ones, you need to book them too.


Let the Cleaning Company Know if You Have Any Pets When Booking a Service


It is important to let the cleaning company if there is a pet in the property when booking a cleaning service. This will help them send a professional cleaner who does not have an allergy or is not afraid of this type of animals to your home. It will also help them choose the right cleaning products used during the service and make sure they are not harmful to your pet.


Let the Cleaning Company Know if You Have Any Allergies When Booking a Service


The cleaners need to know if you have any allergies before they come to clean your home. Nowadays many cleaning companies use eco-friendly products, but in some cases they can still contain some allergens. The cleaners may also be able to offer you a service that will benefit your health, like steam cleaning, for instance.


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