Pro Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you have children or pets you are most likely familiar with the struggles of frequent carpet cleaning. Certain types of stains just never want to go away and it is so upsetting because a dirty carpet undermines the beauty of your entire interior. We want your home to look perfect and cosy at all times, so here are some pro carpet cleaning tips we are sharing with you.


Don’t waste time


Best policy for dealing with all kinds of spills on the carpet is to treat them immediately. If you have a carpet cleaner it will do a great job with taking away the liquid. If you don’t place some tissues or a towel to suck the moisture up. Do not rub! This will make the liquid spread deeper into the carpet and form a stain that would be much harder to get rid of.


Vacuum before wash


If you do your carpet cleaning yourself, remember to always vacuum before you wash the carpet. This will remove any small particles, especially food crumbs that can make the washing harder if they stay on the carpet.


Test an area


If you have never done carpet cleaning on your own, make sure you test a small area of the carpet before you proceed with the entire surface. This is to check if the solution you are using is suitable for the fabric your carpet is made of.


Don’t experiment with carpet cleaning solutions


Always check what are the cleaning instructions given by the carpet manufacturer and use the cleaning solution that is stated on there. Experiments with other solutions often don’t end well and leave you with ruined carpet or block a carpet cleaner. Take extra care if your carpet contains wool. These types of carpets should only be cleaned with solutions that are ‘woolsafe approved’.


Take it easy with soaking


Carpet cleaning certainly doesn’t mean oversoaking your carpet. If you do that you risk getting it even dirtier, because it will take much longer to dry. Use no more than 4 wet strokes per area and make sure that the dry strokes are at least twice or three times more than the wet ones.


Leave the doors and windows open


Protect yourself during the carpet cleaning activity by letting fresh air run through the room. Carpet cleaning solutions sometimes contain harmful chemicals if inhaled for a continuous period of time. Keeping the windows and doors open will also help the carpet dry quicker.


Start away from the door


Carpet cleaning should be done by starting furthest away from the door. This is to avoid stepping on wet areas and staining them while trying finish the job.


Be consistent


Regular carpet cleaning is important for its long life and beautiful appearance. Build a carpet cleaning routine, which should include vacuuming, washing and scrubbing once or twice a month.



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