Is Spring Cleaning Necessary

Is Spring Cleaning Necessary

Although it still feels quite like winter, we are on the doorstep to spring and with that most of us start thinking of new beginnings and fresh experiences. In many places around the world spring cleaning is a long lasting tradition. It has a connection with both the physical and the spiritual world and wellbeing. But is spring cleaning really necessary or just something that some people like doing. We would say is it highly recommended for a number of reasons. Here are some of them.


Many people report that the very act of deep cleaning their home makes them feel better mentally and emotionally. It lifts up their mood and makes them more happy. Of course, this isn’t a 100% rule. There are others who don’t like doing the cleaning themselves. The interesting fact here is that even people who have outsourced the spring cleaning to a professional cleaner, feel much better with the end result. Looking at a tidy and clean place will imminently reduce your stress level and bring a feeling of comfort and reassurance that everything will be ok.

Get Ready for New Beginnings

Spring cleaning includes a thorough clean of every bit of your home. Many of the old items you have stored for long but don’t need any more, will be gone. Decluttering your space is very refreshing and optimises your mind to think of new ideas and activities. It enables you to think about new beginnings and exciting experiences to come.

Protect Yourself and Family Against Diseases

Spring cleaning can help any household stay healthy. During the winter period, there are many bacteria and germs we bring into our homes. If you don’t clean your carpets regularly or use a steamer, it is very likely that these little nasty bugs will stay in and threaten the health of you and your family. Furthermore, sometimes small pieces of food get under the sofa without us noticing. With time they get mouldy or can even attract pests if not removed. Spring cleaning can ensure that your home is dirt and germs-free.

Have a Great Workout

If you decide to do your spring cleaning yourself this could be a fantastic workout. You could call a friend to help you out, which will make the activity much more fun. You will be doing lots of squats, abs and arm exercises while deep cleaning your home. If you play your favourite music while you are doing all this, you won’t even realise how quickly time has passed by.

Then again, spring cleaning isn’t an easy task and not many people will brave it on their own. So if you would love a clean and tidy home but can’t be asked to do it yourself, we have a solution. Do My Cleaning has experienced and well trained cleaners that can transform your environment. You just need to book a date and time that suits you best and we will come to perform the best spring cleaning service you have ever had.

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