Steam Cleaning Can Help Your Allergies

Steam Cleaning Can Help Your Allergies

Steam Cleaning Can Help Your Allergies

Did you know that most common allergies in the UK are actually caused by things we inhale? There’s one method that can help people suffering from 5 different types of allergies - steam cleaning. Let’s look at that in more detail.

Mould Allergy

Mould allergy is extremely harmful to young children. It causes chronic rhinitis and makes little ones struggle a lot with breathing especially at night. They usually wake up in the small hours coughing and finding it hard to take breath. If left untreated, the mould allergy can turn into asthma and other more serious respiratory conditions. Having given you all the scary facts about it, mould allergy is actually easily preventable. It is caused by long exposure to mould growing on walls or furniture in a not well ventilated room. If you adopt regular steam cleaning and open the windows for at least 30 minutes a day you can prevent mould from growing.

Animal Dander Allergy

Surprisingly, animal dander allergy is in the top 3 of the most common allergies in this country. This means many people are missing on their dream to have a pet. The truth is, there is a difference between being allergic to certain type of an animal and being allergic to the dander of the pet. The latter causes cause skin irritation, watery eyes and sneezing. There is an easy solution to this, you guessed it - steam cleaning. You should use a steamer on your carpets, hard flooring and furniture. Do that and you can enjoy the company of your pet!

Dust Allergy

Dust mites can be anywhere in your home and regular vacuuming won’t be enough to get rid of them. If you have a dust allergy steam clean almost every spot of your property to avoid persistent sneezing and watery eyes.

Cleaning Products Allergy

A large number of people suffer from sensitivities and allergic reactions associated with detergents. These can be extremely harmful to the airways, especially in older people and those with respiratory conditions. Yet another reason to use steam cleaning, because it is very effective in removing any sort of dirt and completely eco-friendly. It only uses water heated over 100 degrees C.

Grass and Tree Pollen Allergy

Now that we are expectant of spring and summer, the cases of grass and tree pollen allergy will significantly increase. It is by far, the most common allergy in Britain. The condition usually manifests in blocked and runny nose, plenty of sneezing and eye watering. There are good medications that you can get over the counter to manage to condition or in severe cases you may be prescribed a stronger option. The problem is that people who suffer from hay fever don’t only experience the symptoms when they are outside. Some particles can be easily brought home, meaning the torture continues even in your bedroom. However, you certainly don’t have to suffer, at least not when you are home. Have your property regularly steam cleaned and enjoy a healthy and peaceful environment.

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