Ways to Minimise Cleaning After the Holidays

Holidays are great when you are celebrating with family  or partying with friends, but once it’s time for cleaning up the fun instantly disappears. Who wants to be picking broken glasses from the floor and washing dishes with a hangover? Yes, certainly not you. We get it, so here seven tips on how to minimise the cleaning after the holiday partying.


1. Leave nothing in the sink or dishwasher


If you are cooking for your party make sure you’ve cleaned up the working surface and washed all pots and utensils you used for the food preparation before the start of the party. This way the pile with dirty dishes will grow slower and you decrease the chances of having things broken due to a lack of space.


2. Use plastic cups and plates if possible


It’s not every party that will allow the use of plastics, but if you are not doing something too posh, save yourself the trouble of washing dishes and cleaning broken glasses from the floor. Besides, you can find online some really stylish plastic sets of plates, cups and cutleries, so you don’t have to look cheap in the eyes of your guests.


3. Hide all the valuable and fragile things


Things get wild at parties sometimes so make sure all of your valuable and fragile things are well protected, preferably hidden in a cupboard. Not only will you be emotional if something like that gets broken, but you’ll also have to sweep it off the floor before someone injures themselves. Cleaning during the party is also not fun.


4. Use festive plastic or paper cover for the furniture


Don’t feel like paying for a professional upholstery cleaning? Then you better cover your sofa and fabric-coated furniture with something you can easily pick up and throw in the bin after the party is finished. You can claim it’s part of the decoration, especially if you are having a theme party. Just be creative.


5. Double your bin bags


There’s nothing more annoying than doing all the cleaning and just when you are almost done, your bin bag tears apart and all the rubbish you diligently put inside is right in the middle of the room...again. To avoid that common and frustrating event, just double your bin bags before you start filling them up.


6. Let everybody know you expect them to help with the cleaning afterwards


Again, this may not be possible in every party situation, especially if your mother-in-law is attending, but if you are having just a few of your friends over you can ask them to help you with the cleaning once the celebration is over. There are two possible scenarios, they will either be careful not to make too much of a mess so that they don’t have to stress themselves later or as good friends will do just what you asked them to. In both cases you win!


7. Hire a professional cleaning service


Oh come on, the holidays are for fun and good rest. You don’t actually have to lift a finger, except to go online and book a good and reliable professional cleaning service. You would likely spend a lot of money and energy to prepare for the party just so that you minimise your cleaning afterwards. Why not invest the money in a good after party cleaner and sleep away your hangover while they turn your house into a nice and tidy place again?


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