Why Should You Book a Move In Cleaning Service

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Why Should You Book a Move In Cleaning Service



Although most letting agencies and landlords require tenants to have the property professionally cleaned upon leaving, a lot of people choose not to do it even if it means they lose their deposit. If you are moving in a home where no professional end of tenancy cleaning was performed, you will certainly want to book a move in cleaning service.



Don’t Clean Someone Else’s Mess


You wouldn’t live in a place that has been turned in a mess by another person, but you also don’t have to go through the stress of cleaning it. Unpacking and arranging your new home will be exhausting enough so before you get to that, simply book a move in cleaning service. In its core it isn’t much different from end of tenancy cleaning, except the fact that you pay for it when you first enter a property as opposed to when you leave it. Some agencies offer to cover the cost of move in cleaning if you agree to pay for end of tenancy service. The scope of both is the same.


Everyone’s Cleaning Standards are Not the Same


Some tenants are very responsible and even though they don’t want to pay for a professional cleaning service, they put decent efforts into bringing the property into a very good condition before leaving. There is one problem though. Not everyone’s cleaning standards are the same. What someone may consider a spotless environment you may find not clean enough. With a professional move in cleaning, however, this will not be an issue.


Minimise the Risk of Pest Infestation


We’ve heard of a number of people who decided to live in a property that hasn’t been cleaned professionally after the previous tenants and later on discovered their home is infested with pests. It could be anything from rodents to tiny bed bugs and fleas that are very hard to exterminate. Having a move in cleaning service gives you a level of protection against such an unpleasant surprise. For extra peace of mind, request for steam cleaning to be added to your move in service.


Chase Away the Negative Vibes


Apart from removing the physical dirt, research has shown that thorough cleaning also eliminates the negative vibrations in an environment. You don’t know the people that have lived in the property before, so why not change the atmosphere by refreshing it. Fill in your home with positive energy and friendly vibes before you even add your personal touch.


Many cleaning companies offer just end of tenancy as a service, but you should know that it is pretty much the same as move in cleaning. So if you want to arrange for a team of professional cleaners to come and prepare your new home for your entrance, you can trust our experience and knowledge. Book end of tenancy/move in cleaning service online and save yourself time, energy and disappointment.



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